How to Keep Cool Going Back to School

Momservation: If August is the Sunday of summer than school before Labor Day is the party crasher.

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I have a lot of issues with kids going back to school before Labor Day, but one of the biggest gripes?

It’s still so stinkin’ hot!

I mean we’re trading bathing suits and sunscreen for new Back-to-School jeans and a 30-pound backpack in mid-August! For the love of flip-flops and bro tanks, kids can’t even dress for the weather without getting busted for Dress Code Violation!

So since schools have decided to restart instruction before the last unofficial weekend of summer, I like to try to make it up to my kids that they got a raw deal somewhere down the line.

In the name of trying to keep the last gasps of summer alive I like to indulge them after school with a cool treat. One of their favorites?

Rita’s Italian Ice.

Ritas ice flightsThe only issue we have here? Too many yummy flavors to choose from! And they change every week! Do we get the all-natural orange-pineapple? Do we go for the popular cotton-candy? Do we try the new sugar-free dragonfruit? Hmmm, we always love rootbeer…

But Rita’s doesn’t leave us in a lurch like school districts that bring summer to an early screeching halt. They have given us Ice Flights so we don’t have to choose! We can have them all! And they don’t gouge you on the price to do it – just $4.19 to have 4 perfect sized helpings of Rita’s delicious Italian ice!

Schools that go back to instruction before Labor Day could really take a page out of Rita’s Italian ice: give the people what they want! Not more school! More samplings of flavors! Give them Ice Flights!

Except for all those moms who are so ready for school to start to get those bickering, whining kids out from under foot. Go ahead and give them school before Labor Day.




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