Holiday Swap Out Gifts for Teens

Momservations: No one is ever too old for an Easter basket made with love. (But you do need to be 21 for the one with the microbrew.)

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We’re in the awkward stage:

Holidays with teenagers.

With little kids holidays are 1-2-3 easy:

  1. Easy to buy for: toys and candy!
  2. Easy to keep the magic alive: Santa! Easter Bunny! Ghost and Goblins! Of course! Duh!
  3. Easy to make happy (see above)

EasterBut with teenagers, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

If the Easter bunny tries to give them their traditional Easter basket with a new Target bathing suit, towel, flip flops, Nerf toy, candy and bubbles…the once squeal-worthy holiday gift will have them picking through it like it was filled with asparagus and broccoli.

If you go with the eye-rolling, huffing, we’re-too-big/cool-for-this-sh*t attitude and release them from pictures with Santa/Easter Bunny and stick to your Gotta Believe to Receive mantra with empty stockings and baskets…well, then they are flabbergasted and self-righteously disappointed that they were left out of the festivities.

So what is the parent of a teenager to do at the holidays?

You adapt.

They may look and act like too-cool-for-school teenagers, but they still secretly love the holidays. And they still love treats and toys—they just cost more for the kind they like now.

Here’s a swap out guide to help:

Holiday Swap Out Gifts for Teens

Kids                                                              Teens

Jelly beans, foil-wrapped chocolate,

candy canes, candy in a plastic holiday sleeve

Full size candy bars, entire fun-pack of candy bars, bite-size candy bars
Target bathing suit and towel Let them buy what they want online from Chubbies, Jolyn, Brandy Melville
Nerf toys, bubbles, outdoor toys, water toys, dress-up clothes, Barbies Gift cards to Starbucks, In N Out Burger, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Panda Express
Target flip flops or clothes Gift card to PacSun, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Tilly’s
Something you think is adorable/cool money


Sitting for a picture with Santa or the Easter bunny or dressing up together as a family for Halloween with teenagers?

Bye, Felicia.


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