Momservation: January birthdays are a sucker punch. Another year has passed AND you’re another year older. “Oh, yay!” said no January birthday baby ever.

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sad-girl-birthday-cakeThursday I celebrate the day my parents had unprotected sex 44 years ago.


Changing perspective on how I view my birthday doesn’t help with the Ew Factor either.

It really bugs me that my birthday is right at the New Year.

I mean, we just had Christmas—I don’t need more gifts for my birthday! Now half way through the year—June, maybe even April—I’m gonna need some restocking in the Wants and Needs Department. June babies have it perfect. Get some winter clothes for Christmas. Summer clothes for your birthday. Celebrate with a pool party.

Nobody has a pool party in January.

My biggest Ew with a January birthday though is that it feels like Double Jeopardy.

With a new year comes new goals and expectations. It’s an unwritten rule that this is the starting line for a New You. For everyone else with birthdays in the other eleven months of the year—you guys get Late Registration. New Year’s resolutions didn’t stick? Go ahead and try again with your birthday, the other marker of another year and a fresh start.

That’s right, you people whose parents had unprotected sex in every month except April, you guys get a Mulligan.

But a January birthday? We get Double Jeopardy. It’s get out of that dang Porta Potty and get your toes on the starting line right now! This is your one shot! Another year’s gone by, you’re another year older, you better get out there and get something to show for it because this is it!


So I probably shouldn’t go into this combined New Year/marker of time slipping away with such a negative attitude if this is my one shot. I should probably stop grumbling that everyone else gets to toe-up to the festive and fun Color Run of birthdays and I’m stuck with Tough Mudder.

I guess I shouldn’t whine that for my birthday I get work-out gear and organizational aides to start that new year/birthday off right…while the June babies get bathing suits and pedicure vouchers at their pool parties.

I should probably just let it go and get over the fact that June birthdays have not just one but TWO birthstones.

Nope. Not gonna be bitter. I’m going to look 2015 and turning 44 straight in the eye with a positive perspective and say:

I hope it rains the whole month of June.



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