Great Homecoming Ask From Rita’s Ice and More!

Momservation: The first signs of fall are punny Homecoming posters and Post-it Notes promposals on cars.

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This is the time of year when my Momservations blog blows up with page views without me even typing a thing.

They come in droves from Google, Bing, or Pinterest desperately in search of that one thing that everyone this time of year needs.

Parenting advice?homecoming-lollipops


A good chuckle to start their day?


A Homecoming date.

Because where else can you find the perfect “Homecoming Ask” than a family columnist’s blog?

I feel bad for all the high schoolers who land on a parenting humor blog in their quest to deliver the most creative and punny ask to Homecoming because I’ve written about Homecoming numerous times (The Danger of the Creative Homecoming Ask, Bring It In for a Hug and Homecoming Advice, How to Ask Someone to Homecoming).

So I feel it’s my civic duty now to post some creative Homecoming Ask ideas to alleviate some of the anxiety that has caused the Google teenage masses to land on Momservations’ doorstep.

The theme will be food since that seems to be the best way to a Homecoming date’s heart (although flowers never hurt).

This one below my sophomore daughter came up with after my stab at it solicited an eye-roll and “That doesn’t make sense, Mom.” I thought it was a great way to showcase my partnership as a Rita’s Ice Blogger and a heck of a clever, yummy idea.


I mean who wouldn’t love something from Rita’s Italian Ice? They have so much to choose from including Award-Winning, Famous Frozen Custard on a cone to signature Blendinis, Mistos and Italian Ice — and for fall they have Pumpkin Pie Cream Ice! With over 400 locations in the US, anyone should be able to find a Rita’s Italian Ice near them for a great Homecoming Ask.

This next one is how my daughter got asked to Homecoming this year as a lover of pasta. Pretty original, hadn’t seen it yet.


The pizza ask is pretty standard but easy way to show effort. I also like HC spelled out in olives.


The punnier the better seems to be the latest trend. And a taco pack won’t break the bank.


Everyone seems to dig sushi now and this one is clever and still pretty unique.


I personally think you should go with the Rita’s Ice one though. Not just because me and my daughter came up with it and it’s delicious, but because you can Google Rita’s Ice Homecoming Ask and no one has done it yet.

You’re welcome. Have fun at Homecoming.

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