Fun Tired

Momservation: If you think hangovers are for adults who partied too hard, you haven’t seen a kid wiped out after a crazy fun 4th of July weekend.

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In our house there’s a rule that you can’t complain about being fun-tired. No one has any sympathy for someone who’s exhausted from the act of recreation, leisure, playing, or partying.


Came back from Disneyland and you’re wiped out? Sorry, no whiners. Fun tired.


Had a sleep-over, ate too much, and stayed up all night? Quit complaining. Fun tired.


Brought the kids to the beach for the day and you’re drained? Suck it up. Fun tired.


So, for the record, I’m not whining, complaining or looking for sympathy. I am tired, cranky, wiped out and ready for bed – but I’m owning it. I did this to myself:


–          Had our annual Hubby’s bday/pre-4th of July party complete with a pool full of kids ages 8 months to 14 years, BBQ, games and fireworks show at dusk. Fell into bed with a smile on my face


Hubby's bday/4th of July party gang taking a momentary break from swimming, eating, drinking and merry making before fireworks (photo by Ron Silveira)

–          Climbed out of bed the next morning trying to think festive thoughts for the neighborhood 4th of July of parade followed by games at the park. Narrowly lost the 3-legged race with my son. Dragged ourselves home wilting in the heat but we were still on a homemade rootbeer high.


Daughter, Whitney, holding friend Gigi's hair for pie eating contest with son, Logan (with red mowhawk), watching the action in the background (photo by Ron Silveira)

–          Moved on to a friend’s pool party and BBQ. Almost fell asleep in my chair toward the end, but I was smiling on the inside.


Logan and his biggest fan, Quinn, hangin' poolside

–          Left there to go catch the big fireworks show at the river. At this point my kids we’re fading, complaining about the hike, carrying their chairs, how much further and I finally snapped, “Fine! You Negative Nelly’s can drop your chairs right here, but I’m going to watch the fireworks show up ahead with an unobstructed view and I’m going to have a good time!” I also reminded them that I had the mosquito spray and it was coming with me.


Getting ready for the pre-4th of July fireworks show

–          Today is Hubby’s actual birthday and we are trying hard to make it a special day, but honestly, we’re all gassed. We decided to give him a nap for his birthday and try it out with him. When we wake up we’ll sing a feeble Happy Birthday, shovel in some cake and then stagger back to bed.

Trey and Darby - even our high energy Lab was fun tired


But I’m not complaining. No siree bob. Had a great, fun-filled 4th of July weekend. But I just might lose control of all bodily functions if I have to do anything else for a few days.


  1. Bayley says:

    I am so fun-tired…love this! Always knew you were a super talented writer. The pics are awesome…and I can’t wait to use “fun-tired”. Take care & say happy birthday to your husband who never ages…dang, that’s both of you!


    • kellimwheeler says:

      Good to hear from you Bayley – and with all your heaps of praise feel free to comment ANYTIME! Yeah, Trey came up with fun-tired years ago after he came home from work exhausted and I was complaining about being tired too after a day of recreation with the kids. Hope you continue to have a fun-tired summer and I’ll pass on your wishes to Trey – Thanks for stopping by!

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