For My Son on His 16th Birthday

Momservation: A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb

☺        ☺        ☺

Sixteen years ago you came into this world

When nights were long and crisp days short

With kaleidoscope leaves blowing

And jack-o-lanterns on the porch

fall pumpkinsA head full of dark brown hair

Eyes like your daddy so warm and blue

My heart left my body

I gave it forever to you

baby logan

I sang you songs and told you stories

I played with you and held you tight

I showed you the world throughout the day

I’d watch you sleep throughout the night

Bedtime LoganI was your best friend

And hand-in-hand you were mine

You couldn’t imagine it any other way

I cherished this precious time

Mommy and Logan

Your world enlarged over the years

While our adventures together grew

Even as you expanded your horizons

I was still the best girl you knew

Mom and Logan

I dried your tears I cheered you on

I watched you spread your wings

I gave you encouragement I gave you support

I gave you everything unconditional love brings

get-attachment (5)Soon the swings fell still

The toy cars forever parked in a line

The call of “Mommy” left on a breeze

Your heart no longer solely mine

empty swing

No more snuggles no more kisses

Your friends became your first priority

Off on your own adventures

Less and less of you I’d see

boysNow here we are you’re taller than me

“Mom” spoken in deep baritone

So proud of the young man you’ve become

So amazed at how quick you’ve grown

big boy Logan (2)

Each day with you for 16 years

Has been a gift from God above

Never could I have imagined until you came

Such a profound and unyielding love


We’ve laughed and played and snuggled and loved

We’ve enjoyed the journey hand-in-hand

Even though I’m not sure I’m ready

It’s time to let you become your own man

momservations 1015

Photo by Linda Smolek

The jack-o-lanterns are on the porch

Kaleidoscope leaves blow across the floor

With car keys in hand and quick hug good-bye

I watch my heart walk out the door. ♥

                                                                                                                        KMW  10/20/15


  1. Christine Draa says:

    Tears streaming down my cheeks on light rail! So well said! I love your son like he’s my own. He’s a great kid. Happy birthday to Logan and happy birth day to you!

    • kellimwheeler says:

      Awww, thanks Christine! Mutual admiration society for our lil’ Jackie Draa (not so little anymore with his big deep voice!) Where does the time go? We’ll just have to hang on to our girls a little longer to make up for it!

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