Fantasy Free Time League

Momservation: When the most free time you’ve had all day frequently occurs in the bathroom, it might be time to make some changes. Or change your diet.

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Boy am I killing it in my Fantasy League!

If Scott Eastwood posts another shirtless pic this week on Instagram (pretty much a given, BTW), my Fantasy Free Time team will pick up a “W” in the Wish I Had Time To column!Scott Eastwood

In this case it would be Wish I Had Time to watch Scott Eastwood in the movie “Longest Ride” on Netflix because I didn’t have time to go see that hottie when his movie was out in theaters.

Just like I haven’t had the free time to read a book, sit in the hot tub, replant my flower pots, do a puzzle, go to the mountains, walk on the beach…

These are the things I fantasize about. Let the men relive their glory days or live vicariously through Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, or Hockey Leagues. For this mom of two teenagers who works from home, volunteers, has a dog and a mortgage and a house and a husband to take care of—I’m all in for the Fantasy Free Time League.

Who else is on my Fantasy Free Time team?

EllenEllen DeGeneres. What I wouldn’t do to have the free time to kick my feet up and watch her Ellen show at 4pm when it comes on. Instead I get my Ellen fix in the bathroom with my smartphone—watching funny clips from her show that someone posted on Facebook.



Rosie EffectGraeme Simsion. He wrote the Rosie Project, a fantastic book I read on a round-trip flight this summer. Being trapped on a plane for ten hours being the only way I could find time to read a book. How I’d love to have the free time to read his sequel, The Rosie Effect. Hopefully I’ll get the flu or something that knocks me on my back for a few days.


Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon. Man that guys is hilarious! If I had the luxury of free time I’d stay up late to watch the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon like I didn’t have to get up early the next morning. Instead, it’s me and my phone and hittin’ the can to catch up with Jimmy’s latest funny clip from his show that someone’s shared on Facebook.



iphone2 025My husband. Our 20-year anniversary is next fall. I told him ten years ago for our next milestone anniversary I wanted to go to New England for the fall color, a Bucket List item for me. If he could come through with this—making the free time during our kids’ busy football and volleyball seasons—it would be a big “W” in the Win column for him. Huge. I mean, worth reinvesting in the ol’ lingerie drawer big.


Hope you’re reading, Honey. Bet you’re gonna want to join my Fantasy Free Time League now…


Thanks Baby Blues for the inspiration today

Thanks Baby Blues for the inspiration today

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