Facebook and Politics Don’t Mix

Momservation: This election year (and I use the term loosely as we go into year two of this circus) is going to make me have to abandon Facebook to keep my friends.

☺        ☺        ☺

I make it a general rule not to talk politics or religion with friends. But thanks to Facebook, I can’t get away from my friends sharing their political thoughts with me (I wish there was a privacy control to filter out political postings, pictures of food and abused animals).

I’m just here on FB, people, to see what friends are up to when I’m bored, throw a few birthday shout-outs, smile at some cute kid photos, laugh at funny animal videos, publicize the links to my weekly and monthly Momservations, and maybe post a noteworthy* pic/update now and again.

Can we please keep the politics out of it? Is it wrong that I just want to go back to when Trump was a bridge move, Cruz was something you did down Main St. on a Friday night, feelin’ the Bern was in Zumba class, and Clinton was just our 42nd president—and when I go on FB I’m simply hoping someone posted the link to a Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle?

Give me your already seen ‘em Timehops, give me your check-in at the gym again, make me read another 30-day challenge or 30 days of gratitude every day for another damn month, but please, please keep your political leanings to yourself. I really want to still like you. Despite your obsession with pictures of your food.

And if you really can’t keep your political thoughts to yourself, then I have no choice but to…post this on your timeline:


*Definition of noteworthy: interesting, significant, or unusual. Practice it, people.

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