Dozen Ways to Put Off Making Dinner

Momservation: Sometimes it’s a shame kids need to be fed regularly.

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It’s summer. It’s a good thing you’re taking the kids to a pool with a lifeguard because the only thing that has your attention is The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Finding out what Anastasia and Christian are going to try next just seems so much more important than feeding your family.

What better time to teach your children independence and foraging skills than now? So here’s a helpful guide to help you achieve this goal:

A Dozen Ways to Put Off Making Dinner

  1. Have the kids invite themselves to someone else’s house for dinner.
  2. Say it’s Live Like a European Day where lunch is considered the main meal of the day.
  3. Fiesta Night – Leftover Taco Bell mild and hot sauce packets with Doritos!
  4. Frozen Surprise Night – pick an unlabeled, unidentifiable frozen foil brick or iced-over Tupperware to pop in microwave and see what you get!
  5. Gift Card Night with Daddy – make a meal and an adventure of clearing the balance on those Subway, Baskin Robbins, Chipotle, Jamba Juice and Baja Fresh cards!
  6. Mini Pizza Night – Saltines, left over ketchup and parmesan cheese packets = yummy fun!
  7. Otter Pop Night – no limit Otter Pops!
  8. Continental Breakfast for dinner – a fancy way of saying cereal and toast!
  9. Clean Out the Fridge Night – how hungry are you?!

10. Double Dog Dare You Night (also known as Fear Factor Night) – throw it all in the blender and see who has the guts to eat it.

11. Convince the kids they already ate by continuing to say, “Didn’t we already eat? I’m pretty sure we already ate.”

12. The Crowd Pleaser – Pizza Night…again!

Make sure to use exclamation points to sell it – it’s all in the delivery.

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