Dog Bone Wishes and Cat Chase Dreams

Momservation: Being a parent means birthday parties are thrown for children but not limited to pet dogs, cats, hamsters, fish…

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It’s Darby’s birthday this weekend. We’ll be having a party at the park with all her friends and lots of fun games. We’ve already sent out the birthday invitations and received RSVPs from her three best friends: Bridget, Rosie and Ziggy. We got her way too many birthday presents and I’ve made special cupcakes aware of everyone’s diet restrictions.

Sounds like a typical first birthday, right? Except technically Darby is seven – in dog years.

The guest of honor prior to getting cleaned up for her party


That’s right, throwing a birthday party for a dog. Complete with peanut butter and Milk Bone cupcakes and chew toy party favors.

This is what you do when you have kids. You strip your trees of lemons and devoid your house of sugar for entrepreneurial dreams of lemonade stand riches; you sit in emergency rooms because you told them they can be anyone they want – including Superman and Spiderman; and you throw birthday parties for pets because you’ve always insisted they are part of the family too.

The way the kids have been talking and planning this event you would think it was MTV’s My Super Sweet 16.

Invite to Darby's party by Whitney, 9


My daughter, Whitney, hand-made the invitations this weekend and we delivered them to Darby’s favorite playmates:

 her cousin Rosie the Shilo Sheppard,

Cousin Rosie and Darby


Darby and buddy Ziggy


her best Boxer friend/boyfriend Ziggy, and her friend and neighbor Bridget the Boxer/Rottweiler mix. Angus, the German Shorthair with boyfriend potential was left off the list after he bit her.

My son, Logan, was in charge of gifts and games. He was mindful of Christmas coming up and didn’t want to get her anything Santa might bring in her stocking like the As-Seen-On-TV Crazy Critter, the no-stuffing toy.  At the park party the dogs are scheduled to play Chuckit! Fetch, Treat Treasure Hunt, and Squeaker Toy Scramble where Logan turns himself into a human squeaker toy.

I’m a little embarrassed that more planning has gone into this party for our little Yellow Lab than for my son’s birthday last month. If it was up to me I would’ve given Darby an extra ten minutes on her walk and maybe a can of wet food thrown in with the dry.

But what kind of mom would I be if one of my kids (fuzzy included) didn’t get the birthday party they’ve been dreaming of?

I better tell Logan to pencil in a game of Cat Chase.


    • kellimwheeler says:

      Nice thinking Chase! Maybe a cat poo eating contest too – Darby can’t get enough of that stuff.

      Lovin’ the Conan idea – I don’t think Letterman has the market cornered on stupid human tricks.

      ps How you lovin’ our Posey as Rookie of the Year?!

  1. mc6pack says:

    Well-deserved honor for Mr. Posey. Without him joining the club, they probably aren’t even in the postseason much less WS champs.

    Have you received your pay-off yet? Probably not since I haven’t sent it. I’ve got to find the right item…

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