Diary of iPhone Pics

Diary of iPhone Pics

Momservation: Definition of hope: One day we’ll look back at this and laugh.”

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I was going through my photo files looking for a picture when I opened up my iPhone Pics folder.

I had two immediate thoughts when I looked through these:

1)    Why did I think most of these pictures needed to be saved (and backed up)?


2)    What kind of story am I telling with the pictures I choose to take (and save)?

I actually had a third thought too:

3)    If I lost my phone and someone went through my pictures, what kind of judgment would they make about me?

Whoo Boy. Thinkin’ it wouldn’t be pretty.

I mean not Lindsay Lohan level of “That girl’s a whack-job” or Russel Brand crazy of “That dude’s just OUT there” but more like “Okay, this woman seems to love her dog more than her kids and she really likes the Fat Face App.”

Sure, there’re a lot of cute photos and memories that were saved where I was grateful I had my phone with me. But that’s not what people remember you by when you’re hit by a bus and they’re going through your uncrushed iPhone trying to figure out your next of kin.

They remember you by this:

iphone pics 042

(The alphabet you made out of pretzels)

Or this:

This is not as cute as it looks

(The snowman you keep in your fridge)

They note your lack of housekeeping skills:

iphone pics 299

(Yes, that is ivy growing out of the baseboard)

And your sense of style:

iphone pics 158

(The Famolares you bought on eBay 30 years after you felt deprived of them)

Your choice of friends:


(Your Transvestite Bingo friend)

Your choice of mate:

iphone pics 263

(Good thing he wasn’t wearing this when I met him)

Your questionable children:


(Reverse mowhawk)                       (Selling lemonade in wig. Should’ve been selling fro-yo)

Your Fat Face App addiction:

fat (2)IMG_0175iphone pics 284iphone pics 286

(Nobody is safe, not even the dog)

Pictures you thought would be funny but came out phallic:


(It’s just a really big corn dog and the Wienermobile people!)

Wonder why?


(What? You don’t have a hamster with bunny ears in your laundry?)

And feel sorry for your dog:

IMG_0739Darby Trick or TreatIMG_0790227

(The dog really does love this)

Well, at least I’m not one of those people who always takes pictures of my food and posts it on Facebook!


(okay, maybe one)

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