Dang It, I’m a Belieber

Momservations: Justin Bieber is your parents’ revenge for New Kids on the Block and/or the Monkees.

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I fully intended to never like this kid. The silly hair-do (since resculptured to world-wide headlines), the can’t-get-away-from-him publicity, the song that gets stuck in your head so that when you wake up in the middle of the night you’re singing, “Baby, baby, baby, oh!”


But just as the new Justin Bieber movie is titled: Never Say Never.

Interestingly, it was my 11 yr. old son, Logan, who wanted to go see the Bieber movie and not my 9 yr old daughter, Whitney. Curious, I asked why.

Said Logan in true boy fashion, “I dunno. I just do.”

Said Whitney, who methinks doth protest too much, “I HATE that guy!”

“Geez, Whit, that’s a strong and ugly word,” I said. “What’s up with that?”

“I dunno. I just do.”

Couldn’t have been said better by her brother.

My own personal aversion to the Bieber kid was his youth. With the Bieber marketing machine in full force for a kid only 16, I was sure there was a stage mom living vicariously through her child, sadly sending this kid on the Lindsay Lohan Burnout Express.

But we had a Friday night free with Daddy out of town (and some sad kids), so we decided to have a special night out with an after bedtime movie, popcorn, sodas and candy.

We settled on the Bieber movie because if my son was willing to risk his budding manhood by admitting he wanted to see this movie, than I was going to stand with him. We dragged Whit along promising her all the Junior Mints she could eat.

I was sold within the first 15 minutes. Told with some amazing home videos, I saw through a mom’s proud eyes that this was a kid who born with music in his veins, rhythm in his soul, and a passion to express himself. His talent and skill evident first with toddler drum solos, then street corner performances by a ten yr. old guitar playing, singing sensation, to finally the YouTube video of a talent search at 13 that would launch his career. This destiny all the while supported by a loving single mom and adoring grandparents.

By the movie’s culmination at a sold-out Madison Square Garden within 18 months of his entrance on the scene, I felt like the kid’s own mother – I was so stinkin’ proud of him.

I believe this movie moved me because it’s a reflection of the fulfillment of hopes, dreams, happiness and success you hope your own children achieve. They may not become an international pop phenomenon, but whatever they chose to do you hope they succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

It was an inspiring night out and heck of a lot of fun. Logan is an unabashed fan and Whit is a grudging convert. And dang it, I’m a “Belieber” too. I love this Justin Bieber kid and that he is using the amazing gifts God has given him to swing a tiger by the tail.

His mother and I are so proud.

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