C’Mere Kid So I Can Slap You

Momservation: “God doesn’t require that we succeed. He only requires that you try.”                                                      ~Mother Teresa

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I like to consider myself a pretty easy going person.

However, there are some things I have very little patience for and will push my buttons.


  • Kids who talk back to adults. Makes my palms itch something awful.
  • Parents who allow their kids to be disrespectful. Raising a**holes are we?
  • Adults who act like petulant children. Really? After all these years of life experience, this is the best reaction you could come up with?
  • People getting away with bad behavior. Why do people stand around and not call someone out for being an a**hole? They need to know their sh** won’t be tolerated!
  • Blatant rudeness. Why? Who pissed in your Cheerios? What makes you think your needs trump everyone else’s?
  • Disregard for others’ safety. You can drive like an idiot and try to kill yourself—but let’s keep me and my family out of it, shall we?

But I’d have to say the most egregious offense to humanity to me…

Wasted talent.

Johnny Manziel, I’m talking to you now.johnny-manziel-partying

There are so many more who have come before you—Ryan Leaf, Lindsay Lohan, River Phoenix, Ryan Leaf (especially hard one for this Charger’s fan who could’ve had Peyton Manning). There are many more who will come after you (I’m guessing led by Jameis Winston).

But currently, Johnny Football, you are the gold standard for Wasted Talent.

  • You won the Heisman Trophy as a freshmen.
  • You broke a 43 year-old total offense record by quarterback legend Archie Manning.
  • You were the first freshman and only the fifth player in NCAA history to pass for 3000 and rush for 1000 yards in a season.
  • An all-around athlete you were drafted by both Major League Baseball and the National Football League in 2014
  • You were selected in the first round of the NFL draft despite growing concern over character both on and off the field.
  • The Cleveland Browns believed in you to become the face of their franchise.
  • Legions of young football players wanted to be you, Johnny Football.

But you just wanted to party.

Johnny Manziel

19 Most Outrageous Things Johnny Manziel Has Ever Done

You’ve been arrogant. You’ve been immature. You’ve been disrespectful. You’ve been dangerous. You’ve been stupid.

And now to close your rookie season—you’ve entered rehab.

Does it really need to be said that you had a throng of young athletes who would’ve taken an ounce of your talent in their big toe if they thought it would help them to achieve their dreams?

Johnny FootballDoes it matter to you that boys straining in locker rooms, sweating on fields, icing down their bruised and battered bodies believed it all worth it if they could become you?

Do you even care that you have treated the pinnacle of sporting excellence—a pro athletic career—as the ribbon to your butt wipe in the face on athletes who practiced extraordinary dedication, discipline, sacrifice, and hard work while surmounting pain, mental weakness, and career-derailing injuries to get where you are?

But mainly, Johnny Manziel, how does it feel that God blessed you with talent and opportunities to go make a mark on this world, but you told Him to wait a minute while you get drunk, snort some coke, and bag some babes?

Johnny, you haven’t just pushed my buttons with your wasted talent. You’ve made God’s palm itch.

Good luck in rehab. I hope you spend your time counting your blessings and refocusing your perspective. Even though you’re young and dumb now, everyone loves a good comeback story.

And instead of doing your best Ryan Leaf impersonation, maybe you give ol’ Peyton Manning a call. He may only have one Super Bowl ring, but he is killin’ it in Best Use of God Given Talent.



  1. Dave says:

    Hey Mother Teresa, great article. You not only judged a man for his mistakes but also prognosticated the failure of Jameis Winston as well. Seems to me that Johnny has seen the error of his ways and is doing something about it. Maybe God will give him a second chance. I guess being a “world renowned” columnist, you’d be able to understand the pressures of superstardom. You should go see him at rehab to swap stories. Maybe he will tell you that he’s sorry for pushing your buttons.

    • kellimwheeler says:

      I’m fully aware that we are all works in progress, Dave. And I did say I hope ol’ Johnny gets his act together. But everyone’s entitled to their disappointment and I’m just saying that I’m throwing my hat in the ring with (I’m sure) Johnny’s parents in that I had hoped he would’ve made better choices. Whether Johnny likes it or not, to whom much is given – much is expected. Sorry, Dave, but Johnny dropped the ball (pun intended). And I’d be happy to discuss it with Mr. Manziel, but I’m not sure we’d meet in the same rehab since I’m pretty sure he’s not addicted to raw brownie batter…
      Thanks for reading Momservations and opening the dialogue. Enjoy the journey.

  2. Mark says:

    i wonder if the author ever made any mistakes in her youth. I would bet that they didn’t garner national attention. To expect Johnny to be a perfect role model as a twenty year old kid is ridiculous. The fact that we place these kids on a pedestal for playing a game is crazy, but then we are entitled to bash them if their actions don’t meet our expectations. He is just a kid. He still needs support and encouragement to further his development. Checking himself into a treatment facility is a mature move. How quick we are to tear down the man that we built.

    • kellimwheeler says:

      Great point, Mark. As a mother I have always told my kids I don’t have a problem w/ mistakes — as long as they learn from them. Most growth happens from setbacks. I do hope Johnny can rise above the pressure and the temptations to be a man who has made the most of his gifts. I hope first and foremost, he doesn’t want to let himself down. The disappointment from the public will wash away, but disappointment in yourself leaves scars.
      Thanks for joining the dialogue and reading Momservations. Enjoy the journey.

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