Boy Do I Have a Story to Tell

Momservation: “In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.” ~Albert Camus

☺        ☺        ☺

Please excuse my short hiatus.

Actually, please tell me you noticed my hiatus and were desperately missing my literary contributions.

It’s okay, I’m not taking it personal if you didn’t.

Ok, I lied. I took it personal that my readership drops in the summer because everyone’s so busy having fun doing summer stuff. If truth be told, I wanted everyone to miss me and regret not making Momservations part of their summer reading.

girl on the trainBut I got over it and accepted that Momservations isn’t The Girl on the Train. I’m back in the saddle and hoping I can be your Procrasting Doing My Work So I’m Just Going to Read This Great Little Blog First or My Friend Tagged Me In This on Facebook So I Better Read It and See Why.

Which leads us back to: what do the people want? What can I write that will make you give me 2 minutes of your time (oh, the agony, I know my little 140 character generation).

I’ve tried attractive pictures to get people to click.cute-baby-animals-10

I’ve thought of going snarky mom blog since that seems to be all the rage as evidenced by the popular with open letter blogs that start with Dear A**holes Who Are Offended by My Breastfeeding in Public…

I’ve even thought of joining the masses switching to vlogs to work in the video medium that most appeals to our SnapChat story generation.

But none of those options appeal to me because the reason I want you, THE READER, here is because I’m a good writer with a good story to tell.

I am a story teller. Sorry Hubby, my friends, and my family who suffer because you can’t get a quick, succinct answer out of me. Thanks for loving me for who I am even though you asked me for the time not how to build a watch.

1st grade girl in class.

I’m a story teller. It’s stitched into the fabric of my soul. I was that student when the teacher announced a writing assignment and everyone groaned she would have to tell me, “Kelli, please put your pencil down until I finish giving the instructions.”

I am a story teller. Living the dream for me means letting the deep ocean of thoughts in my head cascade out onto paper (or computer screen) and hoping people find enjoyment swimming in my stories with me.

So even though I took a short (pouting) break, I hope you’ll come back. I hope you’ll bring a friend. And I hope after you’ve been here you’ll be glad you stopped by.

Because, man, do I have stories to tell…



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