Best Father’s Day Gifts Not Wrapped in Bacon

Momservation: If you want a can’t-miss Father’s Day gift, wrap it in bacon.

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I am married to a caveman shopper.

He feels hungry, he stops and buys food. He feels thirsty, he’ll reroute the car to hit a 7-Eleven. He needs new socks or underwear? Grab them on the way out of Sam’s Club with the food and drinks. Decides he wants a new Weed Wacker, a rolling tool chest, or a camo backpack? He will hunt it down and have it in his possession before you could say “Why the hell wouldn’t you let me buy that for your birthday/Father’s Day/Christmas this weekend?”

There is nothing I can buy the man that he hasn’t already decided he needed and instantly went and bought. If you try to predict his needs and buy him a car cover for his VW Bus exposed to the elements, a new shaver because his old one you need to roll the batteries to get it to start, or a decorative basket for the construction plans all over his office—he will still have an uncovered bus, a gimpy razor, and cluttered office until he decides these are problems that need to be addressed.

And then he’ll go buy the car cover, razor, and container he wants. Probably at Sam’s Club with some food and drinks because he’s hungry and thirsty.

So I’ve learned to go with his immediate needs for successful Father’s Day purchases. Food and something good to drink.

For those of you who don’t have a caveman shopper, below you will find what I think would be some great gifts for any man who works hard and spoils his family like ours does.

Folding Outdoor Rocking Chair. $65. REI

Rocking Camp Chair

Man Crates. Cool gifts stuffed in a crate you open with a crow bar. $50-$100.

Man Crates

Choose your team roving cooler. $350. Sam’s Club

roving cooler

Corn Hole Set. $175. Amazon/GoSports

corn hole

Bacon. $9.13. Sam’s Club



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