Appreciating the Little Things

Happy Thanksgiving! While I’m trying not to burn the turkey and lump the gravy please enjoy this November Momservations® for Famtivity


Momservation: You know you’re a mom when the top of your gratitude list includes locking bathroom doors for stealing moments to yourself.

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thanksgivingIt’s the month of thanks, but for busy parents it can be hard to feel grateful when all you want for Christmas is a chance to sleep in and not have to drive anyone anywhere.

In these hectic times of raising kids—where there’s a constant hunt for that missing part of a uniform, rushing to the store for the forgotten materials for a school project, and emergency arrangements for carpool because you just can’t get there in time—sometimes it’s just enough to appreciate the little things.

Like a seven hour school day releasing you from around-the-clock attention, supervision, and care given to a hyperactive preschooler.

And the crock-pot—for being able to check dinner off your list by 7 a.m.

Or the microwave. Can’t forget the microwave. Hot meals in minutes—it’s invention should be lauded right up there with the discovery of fire.

Baby wipes. The affordable all-purpose cleaner, make-up remover, stain-lifter. They’re not just for baby bottoms anymore.

Costco. If you can’t buy it at Costco, it doesn’t exist.

Plus Target—it’s almost like that best friend that’s always there for you.

Last minute babysitters. Special place in Heaven for those who give up a relaxing night on the couch with Netflix when your emergency call comes in.

Pizza. Or chicken that comes in the form of a strip, nugget, or finger. Go ahead and throw mac and cheese in there too. For those days when you just don’t have the fight in you.

Yoga pants. Because it looks like you’re giving more effort than just throwing on sweats.

Pre-graded cheese, premade salads, prepackaged everything. I don’t know how my mother raised a family without them.

Starbucks. Because damnit, I’m worth it too.

See? That wasn’t so hard to find some glimmers of gratitude to shine through the never-ending demands and exhaustion of parenthood. It even makes it easier to appreciate the people in your life.

Like the friends who will tell you when you have something in your teeth, that maybe it’s time to ditch the yoga pant uniform, or who bring your kid home when you forgot soccer practice was over and pretend that was the plan all along.

Your husband who pretends that left-overs is just what he was hoping to have for dinner, tag-teams nagging at the kids so you don’t always look like the bad guy, and who still thinks it’s funny when you point to the laundry basket when you tell him his socks are in the “dresser.”

Grandma and Grandpa who show up and cheer at volleyball games where all the points are made because of serves that don’t go over the net, who will take the kids to ice cream so you can shower and go to the bathroom in peace, who almost always are that last minute babysitter.

Your kids. Because life is so much more colorful with them in it. They may make life messy, but if you didn’t get messy in this life—you didn’t really live it.


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