Another Reason to Love the 80’s (Like We Needed One)

Momservation: Getting your kids to love your generation’s music should be a sign of good parenting.

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Let's play Spot the 80's Memorabilia!

Let’s play Spot the 80’s Memorabilia!

It is a well-established fact in our house the Mom LOVED the 80’s.

Loved big, spiral permed hair and AquaNet. Loved double layering polo shirts (with collars up) with matching double layered socks and Keds. Loved TI sweats, WHAM!, Local Motion tank tops, Magnum P.I., big-haired rock bands, SWATCH watches, rubber black band bracelets, pegged pants, white sunglasses with quirky prints down the side, and making totally rad mixed tapes.

Sixteen Candles? Can still quote the entire movie.

Just needed a hot pink visor for 80's perfection

Just needed a hot pink visor for 80’s perfection

And neon colors? This prediction from Clayton Valley’s 1989 Senior Class Predictions should some up my love for it:

I predict Kelli Silveira will get married in a neon wedding dress with matching visor.

It was tough to resist, but I went with white. However, I LOVE that neon is back in style!

So here’s where this all ties in:

I was lying down with my 13 year-old son last night at bedtime, doing our goodnight routine. As we recapped the day I started giving him the business for falling behind on his Accelerated Reading goal.

“It’s not just about reading, Logan. Reading improves your vocabulary. It improves your comprehension. It enhances your writing ability when you’re exposed to good writing.”

Logan challenged me. “I’ve got good vocabulary. Go ahead give me any word. I’ll tell you what it means.”

He said it with a grin on his face. He knew that if we played this game with his 12 year-old sister Whitney, a voracious reader, she’d be tough to stump. He was more the guy you go to if you need someone to hit a homerun or score a goal.

“Okay,” I grinned back. “What does prerogative mean?”

Logan starts singing Bobby Brown’s 1988 hit. “It’s my prerogative…” but he doesn’t know the next line. He takes a guess. “It means to want to do something.”

“Close,” I tell him. “But if you just sang the next line it would’ve given you the definition.” Then I sing the song that is definitely on my iPod “80’s Greatest” playlist. “It’s my prerogative…I can do what I want to do…it’s my prerogative…cause what I’m doin’ I’m doin’ for you!”

Logan reached for his neglected book in defeat. Cracking it open he said with a grin in his voice, “Darn. I knew I should listen to more 80’s.”

Yes. Yes, everyone should. But you still gotta read kid.



Not this.

Who am I kidding? You cannot live without Def Leppard. Just keep the headphones on low when you’re reading…


  1. Ron Silveira says:

    What Logan doesn’t know about his Mom is that her vocabulary consisted of “Valley Girl” lingo and the use of “like” in every other word in her sentence. “I LIKE sooooo went to the school dace and LIKE totally danced. LIKE…you know?”

    Drove us all like, totally crazy.

    Yo’ Brudda’

    • kellimwheeler says:

      Okay Mr. Feathered Hair couldn’t-go-out-of-the-house-without-every-hair-in-place. Earring back in that was hidden from Mom? Check. Playboy logo wife-beater under Derby? Check. Like, so totally cool you were…

      Love, Yo Sista

  2. Chase McFadden says:

    Sweet Magnum poster. I had Magic Johnson and Heather Locklear, among others.

    And hell yeah to hair bands! Motley Crue is my go-to Pandora station when working out. Because nobody screams healthy like Tommy Lee and the boys.

    • kellimwheeler says:

      Helter Skelter, baby! The Motley Crue poster was over my bed. I took it down when my cat freaked out one time for no apparent reason and decided I might be doing too much “Shout at the Devil”…

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