And a Child Shall Lead Them to Technology Competency

Momservation: As if we needed the Internet and social media to further convince our children that they know more than us.

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A star is born

A star is born

For Christmas Hubby got me a MacBook Pro. The thinking was I could use the laptop to more easily upload, organize, and create neat short movies with the hundreds of pictures and videos still trapped in my cameras (up to this point, larger memory cards have been my solution to organizing my media).

On Christmas morning I tried to get the laptop up and running. Faced with prompts to get started that I didn’t know the answer to (like: Do you want the iCloud to be your default network?), I turned it off and decided I’d tackle it another time.

Cut to three weeks later and my husband complaining that the MacBook Pro makes an awfully expensive paper weight. I try again to get this supposedly idiot-proof electronic device up and running.

Making wild guesses to each prompt I finally got the laptop to the home screen. I also inadvertently locked the whole family out of our iTunes account. We can’t figure out the password. Needless to say, if you’re a preteen/teengager who can’t download an app or song every few minutes, apparently life is not worth living.

Mentally exhausted and, honestly, a bit dejected that I fell in the idiot category, I handed the laptop off to the kids who were eagerly waiting to test drive it.

Within an hour my 11 year-old daughter used the MacBook Pro and its software to produce a multi-media movie with our dog as the star. It was pretty funny and impressive how quickly she figured everything out.

In fact, we all got such a big kick out of the 30-second movie that within a few hours she had already created a sequel: Super Dog. With help from her 13 year-old brother as a production assistant and cast member they coaxed the star of the movie, Darby (nicknamed Doob), our 3 year-old Yellow Lab, into an Oscar worthy performance (okay, maybe just a SAG Award).

Here’s the movie:

Not bad, huh? Yeah, but let’s see how quickly she can lock her whole family out of their iTunes accounts…

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