A Year of Daily Gratitude

Momservation: There is no better gift than gratitude for what you already have.

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I don’t do resolutions. It’s just another way to make me feel inadequate for when I inevitably break them. It’s already demoralizing enough that 2012 will go down as another year where I didn’t make it on the nominating committee’s list for Mother of the Year.

Man, I gunned hard for it too. I was sure chaperoning that overnight field trip of 150 6th graders was gonna make me a shoo in.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited for what I have decided to do for 2013. Today I went and bought a daily calendar/diary so that my family could do a year’s worth of Daily Gratitude.

Sandy Hook, fiscal cliffs, drive by shootings, identity theft, terrorist threats… the plethora of worries, anxieties and negatives swirling around us, convinces us the world is a harsh and bitter place. I thought a daily reminder to appreciate the sweet spots in life is just what we could use.

I want to make it a daily habit, like brushing teeth or dinner together around the table, for our family to validate what we truly appreciate, value and treasure. To remind us that despite media saturated doom and gloom hype, the scales of simple pleasures, breathtaking beauty and human goodness tip positive.

Unlike prayers that can be private or drift off to its higher calling—the only evidence it existed etched upon our hearts—I want our gratitude and appreciation for blessings to be recorded for everyone to see. I want it to be a chain evocation reminder that though one of us might not have experienced the purity of a baby’s laugh that day or saw a spectacular sunrise that morning, we will appreciate it vicariously with those who did.

I hope there are days we run out of room to write all the things that make us happy.

I hope there are days my eyes are opened to things I did not see.

I hope there will be days I will cry upon witnessing that my children really get it.

I know some days it will hard to reach around the bad sitting on our hearts to find the good.

But on those days when we feel sour, disheartened, angry, or overwhelmed the Daily Gratitude calendar will be even more powerful for the three purposes it will serve:

1) To make us find some light of beauty, wonder, or blessings to be a nightlight in our darkness until we can find our way to days that shine bright with appreciation.

2) In reading the Daily Gratitude of others it will give hope that no matter how dismal a day can be, there is always something to be thankful for.

3) That life is still good even when it’s bad. Just flipping back through the days and page upon page of the simple joys in life will be irrefutable evidence that life is an amazing journey and gift to be appreciated. The sweet spots in life strung together for reflection will make a glorious slideshow of living in the moment and enjoying the journey.

So welcome 2013! Let’s see what beauty you bring!

The Wheeler Family Daily Gratitude Calendar/Diary:

daily gratitude calendarDaily Grat page

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