A Mother’s Garage Sale

Momservation: If a child leaves a house with  jacket, and nobody sees it worn, will still keep someone warm?

☺        ☺        ☺

For Sale:

coat and umbrellaWarm jacket (rarely used)

Umbrella (never used)

Sunscreen SPF 5-500 (unopened)

Backpack with wheels (apparently for nerds)backpack on wheels

Jeans without holes (apparently needs holes)

Cabinet filled with healthy snacks (untouched)

Counter full of zit creams (maybe better luck for you)

Men’s dress shoes and tie (used once, free to better home)

Junior’s low-cut, short, tight, Homecoming dress (worn once, free to any other home)

towels on floorWet towels on the floor (endless supply)

Sage advice (ignored)

Study skills (needs work)

Text books (unopened, mint condition)textbooks

Cell phone (doesn’t call home)


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