5 Things Every Teen Wants for Christmas

Momservation: Cash is king if you live with a teen.

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Okay, so you missed the deadline for flat rate shipping and the mad dash to Toys r Us on your lunch break just doesn’t do it anymore for the teens in your life. What is a Christmas shopper to do with less than 10 days to become a gift-giving rockstar?

Try something from the list below and I guarantee you will be the Taylor Swift of Christmas gift-giving:

5 Things Every Teen Wants for Christmas

  1. Cash. It fits. It’s cool. It’s on fleek. It’s the Neflix and Chill of Christmas gifts. Teens are in charge of their own destiny and they don’t have to pretend they like it and then piss you off when you find it in 6 months at the bottom of the closet with the tags still on it.cash
  2. Gift cards. Still spends like cash. Especially if you make it a Visa gift card. Unless you know they only eat at Chipotle, only shop at Nordstroms, or have never found anything they didn’t love at PacSun, suck up the $5 activation fee and just get them credit to anywhere. Again, it’s about being in charge of their own destiny—so even if you know they love Starbucks, they may just want to go to Peet’s Coffee just to be different (read: difficult).Prepaid-Visa-Gift-Cards
  3. Brandy Melville. If you are shopping for a teen girl this has become the modern-day uniform just like lace gloves and Esprit sweatshirts were for us 80’s ladies. You don’t even have to worry about sizes because it’s One Size Fits All (don’t ask me how, but miraculously it does). Buy it online, find it in PacSun, or if you are a true Christmas rockstar hit up any of their major city stores. Or just see #2 and they will find their way to it like a mother ship coming home.brandy Melville
  4. Rated M for Mature video games. If you are shopping for a teen boy this is what they really want but won’t tell you. Because they know you won’t buy them Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or Mortal Combat. They’ll take the non-violent video games you get them and exchange them at GameStop and hide them under their bed like your husbands used to do with Playboys—or just go play them at their not-well-supervised friend’s house (which becomes your house when you’re not home). Not saying you have to buy it, but if you go with #1 or #2, then really, you are.Grand_Theft_Auto_V
  5. More Followers, Friends, Likes, and Favorites. Nothing is more wanted and valued with teens than Instagram and Twitter Followers, SnapChat Friends, and Likes and Favorites on social media postings. So you can buy them Instagram Followers and Likes at Socialenvy.com, or Twitter Followers, Retweets and Favorites at Socialblend.com, or pay someone $5 at Fiverr.com for a SnapChat shout out for more Followers and you just may become the 2015 Christmas Gift-Giving Rockstar. Or if that feels as icky to you as it does me, just go for #1 and save yourself the stress—it’s One Size Fits All!Buying followers



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