Week 9: Where in the World Are the Wheelers?

Momservation: If this is all we get do you really want to be caught dead with Spray N Wash in your hand?

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Today is the anniversary of my sister’s accidental death 27 years ago. I always call to check on my mom on August 10 to make sure she’s doing okay. Although it was a horrible experience to go through as a sister, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly related to the pain my mom suffers each anniversary of her youngest child’s death.

So what does this downer of a tidbit have to do with Where in the World Are the Wheelers?

It is why I will drop everything to play with my children for the summer. It is why I will go to six lakes in two months. It is the reason I will be persuaded into jumping off a two story house boat or 15 foot rock hand-in-hand with my children. It is why I will get my creaky old body behind a ski boat just to show the kids that Mommy’s still got it (and will regret it for days). It is what compels me to say “yes” to the next adventure when all I really want to do is say “no” and take a nap.

Nobody kisses their children good-bye expecting never to see them again. After experiencing the devastation of a family suddenly losing a six year old child, it has made me look at my children each day and ask, “What if this is all I get?”  

It is why I live a dessert first life. If this day is the last day of all we get, then we’re going to have one heck of a good time with no regrets.

The laundry and the emails can wait. I’ve got a pick-up game of family baseball in the front yard I need to get to…

Jenkins Lake


The best boat is your friend's boat. The kids and their friend Brodie tubing on our 6th lake of the summer - Jenkins Lake in Pollock Pines.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride has nothing on this tube ride.


Logan & Whitney’s buddy Blake decides this ride calls for goggles.


Whitney the wake surfer girl.

It took 3 summers, but Logan finally conquers his water sport fears. And, of course, he's instantly good at wake surfing too.

Daddy showing off wake surfing. He may have the muscles, but he also still has the tow rope.

Not to be outdone by my family, Mom takes a turn at hanging ten.

Stay tuned for Week 10, the last week of summer, and “Where in the World Are the Wheelers?”

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