Tribute to the 7-Hour School Day

The alarm goes off, I roll from bed

Time to wake up those sleepy-heads.

But first I look in the mirror and ask, “Are you ready?”

I take a deep breath, try to keep the nerves steady.

I promise today I will not be a fool

I will calmly and expertly get those kids ready for school.

But no sooner than said, it all comes undone

Not a person got up, no daughter, no son.

So the shouting begins: “Quick get dressed, no, not that shirt!

Can’t you find one uncaked with dirt?

No, I haven’t seen your other shoe

You tell me now the field trip form is due?

Cereal, waffle, peanut butter toast or oatmeal?

Nothing’s not a choice, you won’t leave without a meal.

Turn off the TV and eat already!”

There goes the promise to keep the blood pressure steady.

“You’re still not dressed, your hair’s a mess!

It’s 40? out you may not wear a sundress!

What do you want in your lunch today?

Or rather, what would you like to trade or throw away?

Have you brushed your teeth and brushed your hair?

Please don’t tell me those are yesterday’s underwear.

Quit your bickering, scooch over, make room

More than one person can fit in this bathroom.

Have you looked at the time? C’mon let’s hustle

Why is it every morning you can’t move a muscle?

Do you have your lunch, your homework too?

Are you kidding me going out with that ‘do’?

Go grab your sweater, you forgot your backpack

Too bad, now we’re leaving with whatever you lack.

No time to walk, scooter or bike

Jump in the car it’s time to drive.”

Hope there’s no cops, I’m not driving great

But no kid of mine is gonna be late.

I steal a quick kiss and a hug while I can

Too soon they’re embarrassed by this and a minivan.

“Good-bye! I love you! Have a nice day!”

All is forgiven, I call out and wave.

Ready to pull away, I shift my car into gear

And slowly a smile spreads from ear to ear.

Though the day may start off not as it should be

I point my car home and the glorious silence waiting for me.

One a.m. hour of chaos I am willing to pay

Thank the Lord for education and the 7-hour school day.

 © Kelli Wheeler 4/08

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