Three Days Left


Momservation: It’s hard not to think of the end of the school year as a threat to my sanity.

?        ?        ?


There’s three days left until school gets out for the summer. I don’t know yet if I’m excited or panicked.


I’m really looking forward to sleeping in. But then once we get up the mantra of “What are we going to do today?” begins.


Jazzed about no more daily tedium of homework, book reports, science reports, oral reports…bummed about day after day latherings of sunscreen.


Stoked about a break from shuttling kids to school, extracurricular activities, and playdates…wait, I’ll still be shuttling kids from camp, extracurricular activities and playdates.


Pretty happy I won’t need to jump up to make breakfast and lunches before rushing out the door…will need to buy Costco sized boxes of corn dogs, chips and juice boxes for all the friends that will rushing in the door.


It’ll be nice to have some lazy days with no agenda…until I start yelling at my kids to get their lazy butts off the couch and do something besides video games and reruns of “Full House.”


I can’t wait to go on our camping trips…until I have to unpack it all, wash it all, hose it off and put it away again.


I always enjoy catching summer movies with the kids…until the thought of having to sit through a movie about FBI trained guinea pigs makes me long for “R-ratings.”


I think it’ll be fun to spend some quality time with my kids…until the end of August when I’m ready to send their fighting, whining, unappreciative little brown bear bodies back to school.


That’ll be in 83 days – but who’s counting…

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