The Blogger Formerly Known as Most Smartest Mommy ITW (In The World)

Momservation: Change is inevitable. Just make sure you brought your camera, your battery’s charged and your SIM card is empty.


?        ?        ?


Elvis has left the building – and I’m chasing after him.


I’m also making like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and changing my name. Hopefully, unlike Prince, I won’t have to go back to my old name because it made me obsolete.


So, if you’d like to continue to follow my blogs, you can now reach me at my new name and electronic address –! (For now it’ll forward you to my website where you can click on Momservations™)


It’s been a great ride here at SacMomsClub and I’d like to thank them for providing a forum for my very first baby blogging steps.


I’d also like to thank all my SacMomsClub friends and fans who took the time to find me, read me, make a comment, and generally make me feel like I had something interesting say. You guys are the best!


Now, get on out of here and over to and read my first post:

The Blogger Formerly Known as Most Smartest Mommy ITW (In the World)


Enjoy the journey!

xo Kelli



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