Suburban Sex and The City

Mr. Big, how have I forsaken you all these years?


Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, you divine sluts, my days and nights have been consumed with your sexual escapades in search of Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now).


Laundry, cleaning, feeding and interacting with my family have come to a screeching halt so I can steal away to watch another episode from the complete seasons on disc.


Hubby will even slide into bed with me to catch an episode proclaiming he’s always in the mood for “soft porn.”


For years girlfriends told me I needed to upgrade my cable for this highly entertaining HBO show. But I was content with my basic cable and getting my kicks from the likes of Desperate Housewives.


Oh, so not the same.


So now that I’ve upgraded my membership at Blockbuster so I can feed my Sex and The City habit in daily two-DVD season episodes rotation, it makes me wonder…


Does this make me a Sex addict?  


?        ?        ?


Look how our mommy’s group has grown.


First, it was anything to get me out of the house with adult interaction and break the Groundhog Day newborn routine.


Then it was about our developing kids and stimulating their emerging personalities, while getting in a little social time for mommy too.


It was always about commiseration, validation and appreciation for all that we do for our families.


But as our broods and kids grew, our group’s dynamic changed. People branched off, new friends joined, the group swelled with new babies then diminished with kids heading off the school. As schedules booked up and houses emptied of kids, new hobbies emerged and new ways of staying connected.


It started with Girls Night Out. Then we let the guys join us with couple’s get-togethers. There’s even branch offs like running groups, tennis pairings, group camping, Culinary Queens (bring a dish and a recipe and plenty of wine) and Luna Lounge nights.


We have gone from unshowered, unshaved, uninitiated sleepless zombie mommas craving interaction that didn’t involve rice cereal, to experienced, enlightened and engaging sexy mommas who found – no made – the time to strike balance between family and individuality.


And we are celebrating this near decade of growth by doing some shopping, hitting a hot restaurant, ordering a few Cosmopolitans and then heading off arm in arm to the opening night of the Sex and The City movie.


Because you don’t have to be single in the big city to be fabulous. You’ve just gotta make time for it.


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