So Much Fun It’s Sick

Momservation: Interestingly enough, a great day jam packed full of fun will end up with your kids being an overtired, crying, quivering mess by bedtime.


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We are having so much fun over here at the Wheeler house this summer that it’s making us sick.


That’s right, run into the ground by non-stop, action packed days with no rest for the weary in between the next fun-filled event. By bedtime not only are my kids a crying, overtired, quivering mess, but so is Mommy. But then in the morning, instead of sleeping in and letting our bodies recover, we are jumping back up for the next scheduled, or even unscheduled, event.


Something had to give, but since we weren’t willing to say no to All-Star baseball or our annual 4th of July/Daddy’s birthday party extravaganza, our health took one for the overextended Wheeler team.


But of course, a summer cold can’t keep a busy family down. We’ve got free movie Tuesdays and Fun Wednesdays to get to. We’ve got new 3D movies released that we need to see and friends at the swim club we need to splash and play with. There’s been Buzzardball and British soccer camps with Sac State soccer camp in the pipeline.


Who’s got time to sleep in when there’s camping trips that need to be packed for and the last days of training for a Tri-For-Fun Triathlon? I’ve got to get the sand out of the swimsuits from our trip to the beach and get the grass stains off the baseball uniform thanks to another win that has extended the season.


We’re not even half-way through our summer vacation yet and we’ve already packed enough fun into it for three summers worth. And that’s with aborting a swim team season due to broken appendage.


So as we momentarily sit here amidst a mound of discarded Kleenexes sucking on lozenges for our sore throats, I’m looking at my calendar. Birthday parties, rafting trip, Jelly-Belly factory tour, 20th reunion, Hot August Nights and a day at Raging Waters to celebrate Whitney’s cast removal and getting to swim again – these are just the fun things written down.


I think it’s going to take the HINI virus to stop us.


Two days max though…


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