Now THIS is a Good Reason for Overnight Celebrity

Momservation: It should be a rule to color outside the lines and to dance whenever the mood strikes you.

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Little Book of RulesSomething really cool is happening in my neighborhood this weekend…besides Halloween marking the first phase of my festive over-decorating for the holidays.

The national spotlight focuses back on Sacramento where it all began!

No, not the housing bust! No, not homeless encampments! No, not Occupy Bob’s Big Boy!

It’s something positive, and shiny, and adorable, and refreshing!

It’s Isabelle and Isabella!

The pint-size authors of such valuable gems of wisdom like “Color on paper, not on people” and “Don’t bite the dentist” are kicking off their book tour at our local Hallmark store!

At precocious ages of eight and ten, Isabella and Isabelle, Sacramento area cousins, are having their very first book signing for their serendipitous book, Little Book of Rules.

It will be at Casey’s Hallmark, 4379 Arden Way (Arden and Eastern), this Saturday, October 5 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Isabelle and Isabella became local celebrities early this year when they lost a journal that they had busily been filling up with important rules for living life well.

Rules like:

  • Keep your friend’s secrets
  • Eat whatever your mom makes for dinner and don’t complain.
  • Go to sleep early if you have soccer practice in the morning

When a Walmart employee found the journal filled with simple, practical, and funny common sense rules written in juvenile handwriting he took it to the media to try to reunite the adorable musings with its owner.

Image courtesy of SacBee

Image courtesy of SacBee

The feel-good story went viral and not only did Isabella, 8, and Isabelle, 10, get back their Little Book of Rules, they landed on Good Morning America and secured a book deal with Simon and Schuster.

My kids and I will be there Saturday to support Isabelle and Isabella for a number of reasons:

1)    For the purity of their message to try and be a good person.

2)    To show them we value what they are proud of. The best part for Isabella? “Now everyone will get to see our hard work.”

3)    Because they didn’t become national celebrities for ridiculous, trivial, or inane stunts on social media. They became celebrities for something worth celebrating: good values.

4)    Because their parents aren’t exploiting them. My understanding is that they are keeping the book tour small and mostly local so it doesn’t disrupt the girls’ lives and they can keep being normal kids.

5)    And because Casey’s Hallmark is dear to my heart—I love the people there like Karen the manager and my biggest fan, and Carol my octogenarian second grandmother who lights up whenever I walk in. They have always supported my work and were the first stop on my own book signing tour for Momservations:The Fine Print of Parenting.

I love that Casey’s Hallmark and owner Désiree are continuing their support of local adorable authors Isabella and Isabelle (I’m going to go ahead and lump myself in there) and their wonderful Little Book of Rules.

Plus, Casey’s Hallmark has amazing Halloween and fall decorations to support my over-decorating habit!

If you can’t make the book signing, please support this wonderful reason to find success by purchasing Isabelle and Isabella’s Little Book of Rules available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Casey’s Hallmark.


  1. Nicole says:

    I remember when that story broke – so good to hear that there are little people like that in this world! Glad they are getting their time to shine.
    Love that Hallmark store – was in there a few months ago crying because i had to find a birthday card for someone who isn’t going to live till their next birthday and one of the ladies put her arm around me and handed me a tissue from her apron. So sweet and such a little gesture that meant the world to me!

    • kellimwheeler says:

      The gals there are absolute gems. I thought Carol was going to rush me to the hospital herself when I told her I got a feral cat bite. Sorry to hear about your friend, Nicole – that’s a heartbreaker. 🙁
      I know you will do their memory proud though by continuing to live life to the fullest!
      Thanks for your thoughts and enjoy the journey!

  2. Lise Granelli says:

    Kelli, That is truly such an inspirational story that backs up what real values are when these days they get so watered down. Love it so much that I’m planning to be there Saturday with my daughter to support Isabelle and Isabela.

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