Not So Lazy Days of Summer

No more homework, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks…


The kids are out of school today and to start their lazy days of summer we’re going to go to the local park and have a swim party with classmates.


Then Monday we’re taking them to Disneyland.


When they get back they have a week of Challenger soccer camp.


Then family is coming to stay with us for our annual rafting weekend.


The following week we’ll have more out-of-towners for our annual 4th of July/Hubby’s birthday four day extravaganza.


Somewhere in there we’ll start our second annual Fun Wednesdays where we hit kid fun spots like Raging Waters, King Skate, Skatetown, Folsom Lake, Country Club Lanes, and summer movies.


Then the girl child has Buzzardball basketball camp.


The following week the boy child has the same camp.


Then we go to Shaver Lake with some friends.


Then both kids have Sac State soccer camp.


Then we go camping again with six other families.


Then we go to Donner Lake with another crowd.


Then school starts and the kids will finally get a break from their summer vacation.


Apparently, we don’t do lazy in this house.


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