Lost in Translation

It‘s my children’s favorite week at school this week. Mr. Bluestein comes to teach them folk dance and folk music appreciation.


For me personally, I can understand why an appreciation for the folk genre needs to be taught. But for my kids, they are in silly song heaven.


They begged me to let them get Mr. Bluestein’s self produced album “…for only $5 Mom!” and have been appreciating the heck out of an eclectic mix of folk songs since I bought it for them. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, but who am I to say to cultural enrichment, “Turn that nonsensical garbage down!”?


And yet, with my kids currently in school and I’m free to listen to my own preference of music, I’m still Polly Wolly Doodling around singing, “Turkey in the straw – Hay! Hay! Hay!”


Now I love a good rendition of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” but my kids have keyed in on an original song by Mr. Bluestein and his mighty band of annoying song makers (Skillet Licorice) called “Haunted House.”


My kids looooove this song. But mainly the chorus that goes, “King Kong the gorilla playing ping pong with Godzilla.”  


I haaaaate this song. When I convince the kids to quit playing the inane tune for any excuse I can think of (time to clip the dog’s toenails!), they continue to sing the one line over and over falling all over themselves every time with uncontrolled glee.


“Isn’t that the funniest song, Mom?”


“Isn’t this a great song, Mom?”


“Don’t you just love this song, Mom?”


“You want to hear it again, Mom?


“Did your hear that, Mom? King Kong the gorilla is playing ping pong with Godzilla!”


Oh I heard it. And I am doomed to never forget it. Worst five bucks I’ve ever spent. But if you’re nine years old or under – Mr. Bluestein and his band are the second coming of the Beatles and Money Can Buy Them Love.


?        ?        ?


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