I Survived Summer Vacation

Momservation: It is a beautiful sight to behold watching your kids head back into the halls of knowledge after summer vacation.


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My kids started school today and I’m really feeling the need to get a T-shirt made that says, “I survived summer vacation.”


Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast with the kids this summer – a bonus of being a work-at-home mom and being able set it aside long enough to play with my kids while they still want me to. But I am a firm believer in too much of a good thing.


It’s also not that I was looking forward to resuming homework battles, realizing too late there’s no bread for lunches, fending off a PTA relentless for my volunteer blood, frenetic mornings, and overbooked schedules.


I just couldn’t keep up anymore. Wiped out and tapped out. Sucked all the fun right out of me making me wish for deadlines and writer’s block.


So, if I’m going to get this T-shirt made I might as well put on the back a checklist of all the things I did this summer that either qualifies me for the coveted Mother of the Year Award or as legally  insane (a fine line distinction).


  • Sacrificed summer down time to swim team and All-Star baseball
  • Organized 11-week Fun Wednesdays that included Raging Waters, bowling, Sky High, Folsom Lake, roller skating, miniature golfing and a Jelly Belly Factory tour
  • Filmed a kitchen remodel commercial in one week that is currently running on the Food Network, DIY Channel, HGTV and FLN.
  • British soccer camp
  • Buzzardball basketball camp
  • Sac State soccer camp
  • Saw every 3D movie possible (and could now outfit a small country in 3D glasses)
  • Family trip to Ventura (where I picked up a national award for best online column – yay me)
  • Hosted a 4th of July/40th birthday party extravaganza for Hubby complete with Taco Guy and fireworks that lasted 8 hours
  • Shaver Lake multi-family camping trip
  • Union Valley Reservoir multi-family camping trip (complete with bear invasion)
  • Hosted annual extended family rafting weekend
  • A tortuous week of Back-to-School shopping


I, of course, saved the best event for last. My friend Becky’s Redneck Wedding – a kid free party of epic proportions in tasteless and out-of-control fun. You’ve never seen such a group of responsible and respectable parents, in desperate need for school to start, cutting loose before they lost it.


Thus, I leave you with two pictures as evidence of how I survived my summer vacation – getting to have fun with my kids and getting to act like a kid having fun.


Enjoy the journey.

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