High Praise from a Short Person

Alright, crack the knuckles, here I go. My inaugural post.

It’s going to brief though because I have to go clear cut the forest growing on my legs before dashing off to the Staff Appreciation Committee meeting.

I volunteered for this group thinking I was finally going to get some recognition for all the jobs I cover around here in this job of Mom.

Apparently, this is only school staff appreciation and not a Mother’s Day celebration as I thought.

Anyway, so there I was making pancakes that look like Mickey Mouse (with some inbreeding) for my kids’ breakfast. I’d probably just yelled at them to get all their crap off the dining table because it was time to eat. I was starting to fume because no one was listening.

I was also getting ready to call my daughter’s bluff on her claim of washing her hands by doing the feel for wetness and sniff for soap test.

That’s when Little Miss Handwash Faker out of nowhere announces to me, "Mom, you get an A+."

"For what?" I asked wondering where this was going, highly suspicious of a diversionary tactic.

"For loving your kids," said my angel with halo askew.

Sniff. I knew I shouldn’t have retold this without a Kleenex.

Enjoy the journey.


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