Hamburger Farm Field Trip, Part I

I’m about to leave to take six 2nd graders on a field trip to the Hamburger Farm in Wheatland.


I’m feeling slightly guilty that I’m planning on letting them watch a movie the whole way instead of leading them in a rousing game of ABC Search or I Spy.


Only slightly though, because otherwise I know we would degenerate to The Silent Game.


So, when I was chosen for this field trip (should’ve bought a smaller car) I had to ask, “Going to a Hamburger Farm isn’t going to make me bust out my Circle of Life speech this early is it?”


‘Cause you know, telling kids where hamburgers really come from at this age to me is like telling them there’s no Santa Claus. Let’s ride this innocent train a little longer.


Rest assured, apparently they go over where all the other things for hamburgers come from. Like wheat for the bun, lettuce, tomato, and onions. The cow comes in for the cheese and a quick oh-yeah-the-meat, but hey, look! Did you know pickles are really cucumbers?


Perfect. You got a driver then.


I’ll be back later with a field trip report.

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