Good Morning Sunshine

My son may look like his father but he wakes up like his mother. Grumpy, growly and not fit for human interaction for at least twenty minutes. Coffee is pointless.


My little carbon-copy daughter was spared at least one of my genes, thankfully, and didn’t inherit my vampire like aversion to first morning light. Like her father, she wakes up perfectly delightful, eager beaver for the day, cracking a joke before her eyes even open.


The way I see it, the early bird may get the worm, but us late birds know the brunch buffet is ten times better so you might as well sleep in.


?        ?        ?

Today’s morning interactions:


Mommy (snuggling up next to a fuzzy mop of hair poking above the covers): Time to get up little boy blue come blow your horn, sheep’s in the meadow, cow’s in the corn.


Logan (disappearing like a Whack-a-Mole under the covers): No Mom! I’m still tired! Don’t touch me — I need to go peepee.


With that I left him alone since it sounded eerily similar to what I told his Daddy when he came snuggling over Sunday morning. I can respect a non-morning person needing their space respected. I moved on to little miss Whit.


Mommy (snuggling up next to a squirrel’s nest of hair poking above covers): Good morning little miss sunshine! What do you want to wear to school?


Whitney (eyes still closed, smile spreading across her face giving away her suppressed chuckle): I’m wearing my bed and I’m not going to school.


Mommy (showering kisses on her rosy cheeks): Oh yes you are. But the bed stays. Does this mean you’re going in your chonnies?


Whitney (popping up to stand triumphant on her bed in all her blue, cammo underwear glory, huge grin on her face): I’m going streakin’!


With this she jumps over me, off her bed onto the floor and darts out of the room to beat her groggy, tinkle-taking, grumple-headed brother to the TV remote.


I laugh, because I’ve already laid in bed for twenty-minutes, warming up to the day like a classic car. If I hadn’t, I would’ve probably found her annoying rather than adorable.


Like her father, I love that these two people in my life are so eager to greet the day and what it has to offer.

Just leave me and Logan out of it and send us the all clear.

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