A Dozen Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs

Momservations: Every day is April Fool’s Day to a sibling looking to mess with another sibling.

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A friend of mine posted on Facebook A Dozen Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs from KitchenDaily.com. It was immediately apparent she is a new mother with a single child. Because if she had more than two kids in the grade school range she would not have any leftover Easter eggs.

Not because they were eaten. Because the plastic eggs with candy would have been hoarded and protected like Ryan Seacrest’s hair products while the hardboiled eggs would have been hucked at each like colorful snowballs Easter morning. Any left would quickly disappear to be used as ammunition in the ongoing war of siblings.

Thus, here is my list of A Dozen Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs, the Punk’d version, that you will find your children using them for:

A Dozen Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs

(Punk’d Version)

 1.    Hide the egg in victim’s room and wait patiently until they can’t figure out why their room stinks like sulfur and they tear apart their room to find where it’s coming from (also works for locker and car for high schoolers).

2.    Put egg in backpack and listen for satisfying crunch when victim throws it on their back smashing it all over their binder and books.

3.    Chop egg up and put in victim’s water bottle they use for sports practice.

4.    Put peeled or chopped up egg in toe of shoe.

5.    Put egg shells in bed sheets.

6.    Put chopped up egg in milk glass when setting the table.

7.    Put egg in tube sock to pummel victim with in next battle.

8.    Put egg in pillow case and see how long it takes victim to figure out the rotten egg smell.

9.    Use egg like Whoopee cushion, sliding it under victim right before they sit down.

10. Put egg shells in sandwich.

11. Put chopped up egg in fingers of gloves or socks.

12. Use in slingshot in next battle – the older the better.

Now you can see why if my friend had more than one kid she wouldn’t be looking for recipes. She’d be looking to see how she could get away with selling her kids on eBay.

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