4th of July Fireworks

The children explode out of bed

Excited to decorate their bikes

Streaks of red, white and blue

As they parade with other tykes.


Streaks of giggles, screeches of delight

Fun and games in the neighborhood

Three-legged race, balloon toss and popsicles

Reminds us life is certainly good


Smiles flash in sheer joy

Splashes of color bobbing in the pool

Bodies flying through the air

A watery landing to stay cool


The light of friends and family mingle

Bursts of happiness abound

The boom of fun and laughter

Echoing a cheerful sound


A huge display of summer’s bounty

Bold and vivid tasty treats

A colorful feast of fruit and more

Too many good things to eat


Crackles of excitement and anticipation pops

As the darkness descends for the show

A fantastic driveway display

The children’s sleepy eyes aglow


Looks of wonder lit up

With awed faces turned to the sky

Eventually the children fade

Time to put to bed another family 4th of July



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